"The Web"

Egg tempera and oil glazes on canvas

18 x 24", 2020



I remember when I was a young artist in the Dominican Republic struggling to sell my paintings, lucky enough to pay very low rent thanks to my family but not that lucky with the electric bill. It was unbelievable costly specially when we had so many black outs and interrupted electrical services several times during the days and nights.  However, the bill was always the same, like the meters were installed as decoration, a very ugly one, in front of the houses without any relation of cost to service. 


As an older person I believe the energy should be free, just like health care should. I am sure the technology has been here for a long time but anyone who dare create something with free energy technology just get disappeared or forceful encourage to stop by the one percent that control the people of earth.


The idea for this work came in one of my trips to the Dominican Republic, as I was looking at all the cables above the houses, it brought my attention back to my times as a young artist.  I imagined the electric cables as spider webs sucking the life of the people as meals.  My apology to all spiders for using them as analogy for the one percent blood suckers of this planet. 





 Copyright © by Miguel Tió