Visionary Art Yearbook

2010 - 2011
By Otto Rapp



On the left page the works of Edit Szigete, Darius Skitek, Alice McMahon White and David Alan Sincavage. My paintings on the right page.



In January 2009, Otto Rapp started a Private Network of Visionary Artists on the Ning Platform with a handful of friends. Since then, the Membership has steadily grown and includes some of the very best Visionary Artists in the Universe.

Many of these artists had been friends for decades, others are new to the fold.

This Yearbook is a celebration of the cooperative spirit of these Artists and their accomplishments.

Over 400 pictures and illustrations, with essays by De Es Schwertberger, Sigrid Nepelius, Prof. Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, Helena Nelson-Reed and Delvin Solkinson, as well as numerous memorable quotes by our members.

A special section of 3 blank pages at the end of the book was designed to collect signatures: bring the book to the next exhibition of our artists to have it signed.


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