Visions of Dignity
 Biggs Museum of American Art


September 15 – October 15, 2010
The Biggs Museum of American Art is partnering, once again, with the Delaware State Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic Affairs (GACHA) to present the exhibition Visions of Dignity, a celebration of Hispanic artists working in the Mid-Atlantic region. The exhibit features the varied artistic points of view from a vibrant local culture. At the same time, Visions of Dignity artists create windows to see into their own cultural origins. Visions of Dignity invited artists to participate who identify as Latin American or U.S. Latino, including those artists from Spanish, Portuguese, French and English speaking countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, living or working in the State of Delaware and the Mid-Atlantic Region. Of all the submissions, forty art works by fourteen artists were selected. The following sculptors, painters, photographers and printmakers were selected by GACHA members, Keyla Rivero-Rodriguez, Eli Ramos and Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, to participate in Visions of Dignity:


Alicia Bonilla-Puig (Landenberg, PA)
Alicia Dominguez (Wilmington, DE)
Magaly Garza (Fairfax, VA)
Masplata (Dover, DE)
Maria de los Angeles Morales (Paoli, PA)
Luis A. Morales (West Chester, PA)
Mara Odette (Buffalo, NY)
Claudia Olivos (Arlington, VA)
Sergio Olivos (Arlington, VA)
Gustavo Rojas (Teaneck, NJ)
Nikki Schiro (New York, NY)
Nicolas F. Shi (Washington, DC)
Miguel Tio (New York, NY)
Raul Villarreal (Verona, NJ)


The exhibition explores the theme of “dignity” through artistic representations of the experience of being Latino in America. The artists chosen for this exhibition have utilized symbols of Hispanic family life, traditions, geographies and other signifiers of Hispanic identity to communicate the stories of their journey through the United States.

To compliment the Visions of Dignity exhibition, GACHA organizers also plan to unveil six paintings by contemporary Hispanic artists from private collections within the State of Delaware, including the Norma Varisco de Garcia Collection as well as works from the collections of Miguel Valazquez and Eli Ramos. These collections are over thirty years in the making and have rarely been seen in public before now. These six works will be on view in the Biggs Museum’s children’s gallery, Sewell’s Studio, for the duration of the Visions of Dignity



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