Mische Technique on canvas

21"" x 18", 2015

July 2015


In 2007 I read a couple of books by Barbara Marciniak.  One of them was ”Path of Empowerment” and I remember thinking a lot about this book.


 As time passed, I forgot about it, until one afternoon as I was doing my decrees.  When I finished my last decree, a feeling of being surrounded by light was poured on me.  It was so powerful that I wanted to stay still with my eyes closed and enjoy the energy.  I had nothing on my mind just this feeling of deep peace…


Suddenly, a man’s face appeared in front of me.  My first thought was:  Am I imagining this?  I shook my head and I opened my eyes and the face was still there.  I closed my eyes and continued seeing him. I studied in this person who looked back at me in detail and I realized that his eyes are too big to be human.  As an artist, I knew the proportions of a human face very well.  His were definitely not human.  His eyes were like clear water with almost no color, his hair was blond—almost white.  He looked at me in silence, waiting for me to say something.  While he looked at me, I had the strange feeling that he was listening to my thoughts.  These confusing feelings started to interfere with the one of peace.  A few seconds after the vision disappeared.


I suppose I was not ready for that vision.


I did a studio of the face that I saw in my vision and it turned into a painting.  I thought it was finished back then, even though I was not happy with the depiction of the vision.  I named it “Face from another world.” However, when I posted it, someone commented with a joke about the being having a Caucasian face.  Since I was not happy with the work, I erased the image.  Not long after, I realized the connection with Marciniak`s books and I renamed it “Alien”.


I forgot about the painting until now in 2015 after watching a documentary about the alien races on Earth.  I thought of the painting and later found an image of it in my computer. Looking at it with new eyes, I knew what I had to rework.






 Copyright © by Miguel Tió