Mische Technique on masonite

24"" x 18", 2014

Not available for sale



This is a portrait of another dear friend, Daniel. He has a beautiful house in upstate New York. On his portrait, I wanted to portrait Daniel becoming part of his surroundings; so vines are climbing on him and covering his watch.


I feel that our houses and living spaces becomes part of us, impregnated with years of being exposed to the vibration of our energy. At the same time, we are also the ones impacted by the influence of the energy around us when Mother Nature is the source of that energy.


Daniel has created a paradise around his house with trees, plants, wind chimes, etc. On many wonderful occasions we - his friends - have enjoyed spending time in his garden, whether watching a movie under the stars, like in a drive in movie theater, or just for the joy of getting together, adding to the delicious food and drinks.


Deers are not his favorite animals since they eat his precious plants and every weekend he comes home to find how much damage they have done during the week. However, I hope Daniel forgives me since I could not resist the temptation of placing a deer in his garden on the painting…oh, well they are part of the environment too.





 Copyright © by Miguel Tió