"The Girls"

Mische Technique on masonite

12"" x 16", 2013

Not available for sale


This is a small painting of our neighbor’s horses, Holly and Ann Margaret. Since I was a small boy, horses have always been my favorite animals, despite my having been very little exposed to them in real life. Still, I always found horses to be intelligent, powerful and noble. Now, half a century later, I enjoy the great good fortune of having two very special equine neighbors.


“The Girls,” as our human neighbors call them, recognize us immediately now, and rush over to us when they see us approaching, bearing our usual treats of apples and carrots. Through them, I have learned a little of the fascinating subject of equestrian behavior. For example, when one of the horses nickers quietly and moves toward me, I know that this is a friendly greeting, as an outstretched hand is to a human. Or, when I am gardening and they come close to the fence, I hear them blow air through their nostrils and recognize this as a sign of curiosity.


Normally, I don’t do paintings of animals; but this one is for my neighbors Julie and Bill who have helped much with planting trees and countless other acts of kindness and generosity.


When I look through the window I see nature and The Girls, I feel a flush of satisfaction, that life is full and rich with experience. Painting The Girls has been the greatest of pleasures.





 Copyright © by Miguel Tió