"Nabil Ghanem"

Mische Technique on masonite

24" x 50", 2009

Not available for sale


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November 2009


This  painting is a commissioned portrait of my friend Nabil Ghanem. When I was requested to do this portrait I thought about the way I see him and finally concluded that he is a man of two worlds. Born in Lebanon and living in New York for many years now, he is as much a New Yorker as he is Lebanese. I  relate very well to this since I feel as much a New Yorker as I am Dominican.


On the left side of the portrait you can see the town of Byblos in Lebanon  where he is original from and on the right side, a view from the Bow Bridge in Central Park, New York. From this view some very well known landmark buildings of New York can be appreciated, among them the Dakota, The Century 21, the Mayfair, the Oliver Cromwell. etc






 Copyright © by Miguel Tió