"The Watcher"

Oil, egg tempera on masonite

Mische Technique

30" x 24", 2007


Click on the image to see it with the frame


This is one of the last two paintings from this year 2007. Every time I finish a new painting on the  old masters technique, The Mische technique, I feel that I have crossed a door and it excites me the uncertainty of no knowing where the next door is going to take me...


The Watcher  has been exhibited:

2009 - "Fusion: American Classic Met Latin American Art", Biggs Museum of American Art, Dover Delaware.

2009 -  "New Motions of The Figure", Ico Gallery, New York City. USA

2008 - "ENCRYPTIONS", An exhibition with ARTGROUP. MH Art & Framing Gallery, NYC.


2009 - Catalog of the exhibition: "Fusion: American Classic Met Latin American Art".



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