"The Judgement" - Oil on canvas, 36" x 50", 2005



I was happy to be invited to participate in the “Crossed Destinies” show at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in New York City.  Each artist that was commissioned to create work for this show was asked to portray a previously selected card of the Tarot.  The Curator, James Pinney, had asked me if I felt comfortable painting “The Judgment” card.   Though I dislike tarot cards, I accepted because I was excited about the challenge of creating my own interpretation. 


In my depiction, three angels with trumpets call Adam and Eve to stand before “The Judgment.”  This scene takes place in another dimension outside of the physical realm.  Colored rays of light can be seen shining in this place: Yellow representing God’s wisdom, blue representing Divine Power (the Will of God) and pink representing Divine Love.


A central element in this painting is a violet flame that radiates around Adam and Eve, which originated from the combination of blue and pink rays.  This flame is intended to symbolize a cleansing of karmic energy from their auras – burning away negative karmic debris at their judgment.





Copyright © by Miguel Tió